SMS And Email Integration Overview

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When it comes to marketing, complementary channels are almost always going to increase your results, because where one mode of communication falls short, the other picks up the slack. With the integration of Email and SMS marketing, the results can be spelled out in these four striking benefits for your marketing campaigns.

SMS And Email Integration

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SMS and Email Integration for CRM

One of the key reasons marketers have for SMS and email integration is for customer relationship management (CRM). A dedicated CRM system can easily facilitate integration in a way that is cohesive to your business’s multi-channel marketing strategy. Email and SMS simplify the CRM strategy by allowing you the most convenient and effective way to reach customers – the way they want to be reached. The added bonus of monitoring customer preferences gives the business the power of new data – for tracking behaviors and adjusting messaging to save both time and money. Integration within multi-channel marketing is imperative for keeping up with the growing digital landscape. Email and SMS are essentially the peas and carrots of multi-channel marketing; they are a tried and true combination that can fit almost anywhere. By understanding integration at a technical level, businesses can discover how simply this integration can be adapted for multiple purposes.